We are: Don & Amie Crabtree. We have 4 children: Adriana, Cindy, Tommy & David.

Since 1992, we have been serving as full time missionaries in the twin border cities of Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Mexico. / Eagle Pass, Texas. In 1994, God miraculously provided us with 27 acres of property in Mexico that is called, “Granja el Refugio,” (Refuge Farm).

Our ministry is Apostolic in nature: We plant churches and Christian schools, and we also provide oversight to other upcoming ministers and ministries. We have helped to plant 2 Christian Radio Stations, and did live programming for a space of seven years in both Spanish and English. We have also been involved in building parsonages for local pastors as well as homes for homeless people.

We also do extensive marriage counseling, and teach marriage seminars as well. We team with other ministries in holding prophetic seminars, and in activating participants in the gifts of the Spirit for the work of the ministry. We are currently pioneering bi-lingual ministries on both sides of the border where many displaced families have settled due to immigration issues. Our goal is to reintegrate families and see their lives transformed through the power of the Gospel.

We endeavor to network with other kindred ministries for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God not only in Mexico, but wherever God would lead for the purpose of “growing” churches, schools and mass media broadcasting.


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