Johnnie Comes Marchin’ Home Again; HURRAH!!!

On the 12th. day of December, 2008… our truck and tractor were lost in a fire here in Mexico. The decision was made to replace the tractor and re-build the front loader from the burned out tractor that was given to us for scrap by the insurance company.

Well… I’m happy to report that some 16 mths. later, We now have the replacement John Deere tractor, along with the rebuilt front loader ready to go… complete with the same backhoe capabilities as before.

We can now begin again to build churches and schools, (both of which we have projects pending).

Thank your for your prayers as this has been a long drawn out trial in our lives, but God has again proven himself faithful to us… As “Johnnie” has indeed come marchin’  home again; HURRAH, HURRAH!!!Tractor III